Our Story

Cocina al Sol means Kitchen in the Sun, but more than that, it represents a celebration of life in the sun with good food and friends.  Cocina al Sol is owned by Chef Anthony Brubaker, a native of Northwest Ohio and Gulf War veteran.  While serving in the military he attended the prestigious Johnson & Wales University culinary arts program.  In 2013 he won the Center for Innovative Food Technology's (CIFT) Product Development Contest for his Southwestern style BBQ sauce inspired by Mexican and Caribbean flavors.

Cocina al Sol Taco Sauce is the evolution and result of taste tests and evaluations of that sauce. We know that once you try it, you'll agree that is the best gourmet taco sauce you've ever tasted.

"Chef Anthony Brubaker, owner and creator of Cocina al Sol Taco Sauce, developed an affinity for Tex-Mex and Caribbean flavors while stationed in Virginia Beach in the 90's.  Those flavors are incorporated into the three taco sauces he offers today through his business, which translates to Kitchen in the Sun."

"Brubaker was deployed during Operation Desert shield and Operation Desert Storm from 1990 to 1991. While finishing up his military service in 1996, he attended the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University. "After the military, I stuck around Virginia Beach for 13 years. I was a chef at night and a surfer bum during the day," he laughed.  Brubaker has a serious love for the beach and the sun and the name of his company reflects that love."

"Brubaker currently lives in Cygnet, Ohio where he developed his sauce in 2011 while on a barbecue kick."Back then I was smoking a lot of meats. I came up with this finishing sauce that I would brush on chicken and brisket as it was coming off the smoker." he said.  "That finishing sauce became the taco sauce he now sells..."

Credit: Jennifer Ruple, Sylvavia Advantage, Jan. 2020.